The Art of Nonfiction Movie Making was conceived as a comprehensive how-to manual covering all the stages of filmmaking, from an initial idea through development, production, and post-production, all the way to distribution. Drawing on our own experiences and using case histories from the films we've made, we hope this book will be a useful resource for beginner filmmakers, students and film instructors.

"Rob and Jeffrey’s documentaries have been inspirations for me since I first became aware of them as a teenager watching The Celluloid Closet at my neighborhood movie theater. Their work reflects a deep commitment to craft and to authenticity—qualities I experienced first-hand when we worked together on HOWL. This book—a guide-book, a how-to manual, and a filmmaking memoir—is a gift to anyone interested in making nonfiction films."          —James Franco, Actor / Writer /Director

Published in 2012 by ABC-CLIO.

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