Telling Pictures Edit Suite

Telling Pictures' Professional edit suite facility includes:

Software and workflows for Premiere, AVID and Final Cut X

New Mac Pro

64TB SAS RAID storage

Two (2) 27" HP Dreamcolor Z27X monitors

High quality, accurate BlueSky 2.1 sound system

LG 55" OLED 4K-UDH client monitor

10 Gigabit ethernet networking and high speed internet

High performance assistant workstation

Sit / Stand desk

Phone system

On-call engineer support

To inquire about availability, contact us here.


COMMON space

Our office is located in a shared space with San Francisco Film Society's Filmhouse X.

Rental of the Telling Pictures edit suite comes with access to our shared kitchen as well as the Oasis Lounge and Conference Room.

Filmhouse X common space and Oasis Lounge photos ®TANNERHECHT Architecture

Edit suite photos by Derron Yuhara